It’s the world’s most important LGBTI+ event of 2021 – And #YouAreIncluded! 

Bringing together WorldPride, EuroGames, and the biggest ever LGBTI+ Human Rights Forum, Copenhagen 2021 is the highlight of the year, a global celebration of LGBTI+ community, rights and equality. (And, of course, parties!)

With Copenhagen regularly named the best place to be LGBTI+, many thousands of people will be heading off to the Danish capital, and to the Swedish city of Malmö (just a brief train ride away across the iconic Øresund Bridge ) to take part in the festivities.

Over ten days from 12-22 August, expect all kinds of cultural and sporting events (and yes, more parties), as well as several major human rights-focused events to advance the global agenda of equality and diversity.

COVID19 restrictions mean that the WorldPride Parades have been replaced by smaller marches, but these ensure that LGBTI+ campaigns are still visible on the streets. The marches on Saturday 21 August will end at one of Copenhagen’s beautiful parks, where concerts will be streamed to big screens.

And that’s not all. Working alongside WorldPride, EuroGames are also taking place in Copenhagen and Malmö between 17 – 21 August.

It’s going to be the most inclusive sports event ever with over 6,000+ LGBTI+ athletes taking part in 29 different sports tournaments at all levels from beginner to pro. There’s a waterside Sports Village where you can kick back and relax – and take a dip in the harbour.

And yes, #YouAreIncluded in the EuroGames as well, with the chance to work up a sweat in Sport to the People, with a number of drop-in sports for people to take part in, including Drag Olympics, city roller skating and rainbow family sports.

More than 40 Copenhagen 2021 events will be live-streamed and broadcast digitally so you can take part wherever you are in the world. These include concerts, seminars, human rights events and cultural activities – and the daily EuroGames sports results.

The impact of Copenhagen 2021 will reach far beyond the ten days of the event, and will ensure that Copenhagen and Malmö are known globally as go-to destinations for LGBTI+ travellers, somewhere where they are free to love and live however they choose.

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